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URSI: Urban and Regional Studies Institute

The Urban and Regional Studies Institute (URSI) was established in November 1999 to coordinate research projects in the field of urban and regional planning, demography and human and economic geography within the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. It builds on existing research of the Departments of Planning, Demography and Geography, which all focus on relationships between urban and regional structures and real-life processes on the one hand, and human involvement and intervention on the other hand. Go here to read our mission, learn more about our management team, research focus and our group of researchers.

URSI organizes regular lunch meetings, research conferences and paper seminars. Go to our events section for an up to date overview of these meetings and more information about their content.

URSI is part of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Visiting address: Landleven 1, 9747 AD in Groningen.

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